What’s Being Said: July’s Content Marketing Insights from Around the Web

Don’t miss out on the latest in content marketing news. Stay on top of important insights from some of the best experts in the field. Here are our favorites:
Should your content generate leads or relationships?
Traditional inbound marketing (sometimes thought of as the “Hubspot model”) focuses on generating a high volume of web leads. But, those are short-term relationships when what most brands, especially B2B brands, need are long-term relationships. Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer) discusses this, and the value of building relationships that last instead of just generating sales calls.
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Don’t Be Boring: What Creative B2B Marketers Can Learn from B2C
Are you envious of your B2C marketing peers, thinking they get to have all the fun and creativity in their marketing? Well, stop it. Those opportunities still exist for B2B marketers – Kelsey Loughman (@Kay_Lockman), a self professed B2C “Benedict Arnold” gives excellent insights into how to turn those B2C tactics into B2B success.
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The myth of prepackaged “sales-qualified” leads
Given the complexities and seeming unpredictability of a marketing stack, it’s not surprising that some marketing just purchase “sales-qualified” leads and hand them to their sales team. Thomas Koletas (@tkole1) explains that these aren’t the magical unicorns they appear to be. If you choose to buy them, then there are several things you can do to make them work better.
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B2B Social Media Marketing: 5 Tips to Get it Right
The key to making B2B social media marketing work isn’t about volume, its about connecting and building relationships with the right people. John Stevens (@hostingfactsj) gives 5 excellent pieces of advice and guidance to helping you turn your broad-spectrum B2B campaign into a tightly-focused relationship-building campaign that works.

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