The Queen is Coming—Act Social

When Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 last April, she didn’t just get a nice sheet cake with some grocery store flowers. Oh no. Instead, the country embarked on a two-month holiday bender that concluded with an “official” June 11 birthday celebration featuring a military parade and fighter-jet flyby. But the queen’s birthday raises an interesting Continue reading


Your Top 100 Business Relationships: A List Worth Making

If your business is like mine, where a handshake is required to close a deal, you know that building and nurturing 1-to-1 relationships is the biggest key to success—without those relationships, you (and I) simply don’t have a business. One of the most important tools we have in our company is a list of our Continue reading


Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn: What Does the Future Hold?

On June 13, 2016, Microsoft announced plans to buy LinkedIn for the paltry price of $26.2 billion. All kidding aside, it’s Microsoft’s most expensive acquisition ever, dwarfing the $9.2 billion it paid for Skype and Yammer in 2011. It looks as though Microsoft is hoping to integrate more effectively into the social landscape, with a Continue reading