Hate the Player, Not the Game: Living with LinkedIn Bugs

“I hate LinkedIn.” “Facebook doesn’t work.” “Twitter is noisy and hard to use.” If you’re using social media for business or professional purposes, it’s likely that you’ve muttered one of those phrases at some point. And, all of those things are true, at least to some degree, but our personal experience doesn’t change the importance Continue reading


The Queen is Coming—Act Social

When Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 last April, she didn’t just get a nice sheet cake with some grocery store flowers. Oh no. Instead, the country embarked on a two-month holiday bender that concluded with an “official” June 11 birthday celebration featuring a military parade and fighter-jet flyby. But the queen’s birthday raises an interesting Continue reading


Business Advice from Familiar Idioms

Idioms, or “old sayings,” are well-known phrases that remind us what to do—or what not to do—in life. They are handy little quips that help us step around some of life’s inevitable pitfalls. And in one’s business life, as in one’s personal life, these little nuggets can keep us on the straight and narrow. Here Continue reading



Your Top 100 Business Relationships: A List Worth Making

If your business is like mine, where a handshake is required to close a deal, you know that building and nurturing 1-to-1 relationships is the biggest key to success—without those relationships, you (and I) simply don’t have a business. One of the most important tools we have in our company is a list of our Continue reading